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Failing on Nutrition… Try, Try, Again.

September 26, 2008


My largest stumbling block to becoming a better cyclist is my nutrition.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t stay dedicated to eating healthy.  My sweet tooth always seems to win out in the war of wills.  I have always had the hardest time eating well during the in-season.  When I am riding lots, it is easy for me to justify poor eating decisions.  And when I start riding less it is easier for me to watch my diet and nutrition.  I know, I am mental.
Now that I am in the Transition Phase of my training and riding much less, I need to focus more diligently on my intake.  Historically, I will do well for a couple days in a row, and then fail miserably and go a week piling empty calories into my system before I get back on track.
I am trying as best I can to follow the precepts set forward in “Fuel.”  I am shopping the outside of the grocery store and loading up on fruits and veggies and trying to shun white breads and processed foods. 
I always feel better after following a healthy diet for a few days.  Now only if I could string it together for more than a few days in a row!