The ‘Easy’ Group Ride

It’s not easy to Transition.  I am into my second week of the Transition Training Plan, and religiously doing my breathing exercises and working on my core strength.  But what’s not easy, is the “Easy Ride” Coach Lyman prescribes.  I went on a group ride today.  I love group rides; I love my riding buddies.  But we road a little harder than ‘easy.’  I got in some easy riding too, but I would have to say that more than 10% of the ride was above zone 2.  In fact much of the ride was above zone two.  Well, I have been doing well otherwise, so I won’t let it bother me. 

The ride was beautiful, it was so gorgeous today in south-eastern PA.  I ended up riding 86 miles in about 4:45.  After the ride I completed a core workout and the myofascial release program.  Wow it’s great!  My left hip is so much tighter than my right, so I spend extra time on my left side.  And it hurts!  But that just means I need to work on it more.  I really do enjoy completing the myofascial release.

Tomorrow I plan on running a charity-5k with my wife, then off to fulfill family obligations.  So I will be off my bike.



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