Fixed Gear: Steady as She Goes


Part of the Cycle-Core Transition Plan I am following requires doing several “easy to steady” rides per week.  It’s hard to do an “easy to steady” ride!!  I want to go fast every time I get on my bike.  But that is not the way to improve!  You have to take time to let your body relax and recoup.  

One way I am accomplishing this goal is to take my fix gear bike on the beautiful autumn nights.  No gears, no cycle-computer, no problem.  I am just there to have fun.   Riding a fix gear is a completely different experience from your road bike and a great way to change up your routine, keep things fresh, and reach your goals!

After writing this I can’t wait to ride my fixie tomorrow night after work.  See you out there

 The Specialized Langster Fixed Gear

The Specialized Langster Fixed Gear



One Response to “Fixed Gear: Steady as She Goes”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Seems like we have that same little guy on our shoulders telling us to go fast every time we get in the saddle. I struggle with “easy” rides as well.

    I’m right with you on the fixie pulpit. I love my road bike, I love the computers,seeing how fast I’m going, and monitoring my cadence but nothing beats the stripped down feeling of pushing the pedals on a fixie (and sometimes having them push you). I feel more like a part of my bike on the fixie, as an extension of the mechanical beauty and simplicity of biking, rather than someone riding on a fast machine like the geared road bike.

    Hope you have a wonderful ride!
    ~ride blessed, colleen

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