A consultation with Graeme Street: Investing in my fitness

I just got done speaking with Graeme Street from Cyclo-Club.  I wanted to give him a call and ask his advice on training towards my goal of riding in Flanders.  I had very quick and easy access to Graeme through the “platinum consults” benefit I receive by being a platinum member of Cyclo-Club. 
It was a very positive experience!  He said much of what I expected him to say, which is a testament to his consistent message over the past several years I have been following his advice.  Here is his advice in a nutshell:

  • Riding miles for miles sake will do nothing to help me reach my goals.  (Duh, but I need to hear that!!  I love riding so much that sometimes I do ride just for the sake of riding.)  Over the winter months it is much easier to focus in on specific training meant to meet your goals.  So this will be easier to accomplish over the next 6 months before Flanders.
  • There is no need to introduce explosive/power exercises into my routine now.  These workouts only need to be introduced within the last 6-10 weeks of my goal date. 
  • I need to invest in my fitness now by doing the 6 week transition plan.  I am going to use the “Secrets” program in order to develop better breathing techniques etc.  This should be very beneficial to me as I move on to high intensity training.
  • I need to focus on developing rock solid core strength and back flexibility.  I enjoy doing these workouts and often mix things up by randomly picking core workouts from different series to do each time.  Although I often fail towards the end of some of these workouts, I love them.  When I first started, I had trouble holding the plank position even after the easiest of workouts.  But my core has gotten incredibly stronger doing these workouts and I look forward to further improvement.
  • Layer on the Fitness:  After the transition plan I am going to embark on the Advanced 12 wk off-season plan.  The plan as of now will be to introduce the “cyclo impossible” workouts once a month during this phase of my training.

Graeme suggested that reconvene on my training progress sometime in late November.  At this time I will be beginning the off-season plan and together we can make sure I am on target and meeting my goals. 
Here is how my training schedule looks to be shaping up based on my consult with Graeme:

  • 26-21 weeks to go: 6 Week Transition Plan – Enjoy the fall rides I have scheduled and begin sprinkling in some core workouts in addition to the planned workouts.  Focus on improved breathing efficiency.  Also do more Yoga and some upper-body strength training.
  • 20-9 weeks to go: Advanced Off-Season Season Training Plan.  Once a month try to complete Cyclo-Impossible.  Consult with Graeme during this period again.
  • 8-2 weeks to go: Build Using Advanced In-Season Training Plan and doing exercised focused on explosive power. 
  • 1 week to go: Peak
  • Target – the Tour of Flanders!

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