The Beginning of the Every Day Cyclist Challenge: Setting a Goal

September 20, 2008

In about six months I plan on riding the Ronde Van Vlaanderen voor wielertoeristen (The Tour of Flanders Cyclosportif)!!  It takes place the day before the pro race, on Saturday April 4th. 

My long-term goal for the Everday Cyclist Challenge is to be in the best shape of my life for this very difficult ride.   Since I have never ridden the Rondebefore, I don’t have a benchmark to use or a specific time that I want to surpass.  I do want to be at my best, and over the winter improve on some of my weaknesses. For this type of ride, which has many steep climbs, many withcobbled sections, I really need to increase my explosive power.  As Paul Sherwin would describe it, I am the type of rider with a big diesel engine (although not very big at all).  I do not have the explosive kick I would like, or what I will need to make it up and over the bergs of Flander.  And of course I will work on bringing down my weight.  My goal weight is 172lbs and I have about 10 to lose.  Additionally, one of my weaknesses (as withmany cyclists) is upper body strength, I only have upper body weakness.  Aside from rounding out my overall fitness, increasing my upper body strength will definitely help me with the short punchy climbs.

In the coming weeks I will work on specific plan to reach my goals.  I have plenty of time to reach my goals, which means I have lots of time to really gain a lot of fitness.  But I do want to finish out the end of this season and a relax a little before I get deep into a specific training regimen.  As a start, since I will not be riding during the week much anymore, I will start to rebuild my core fitness and functional strength by spending a couple nights a week doing Core/Zen/Speed workouts. 

I am so excited to be able to head over to Flanders next year.  And I hope that this blog and the Everyday Cyclist Challenge will keep me motivated to be at my best next April!!




One Response to “The Beginning of the Every Day Cyclist Challenge: Setting a Goal”

  1. Bill Whitman Says:

    Tim, I’m stationed over here in Germany and have done the Ronde twice. It is a remarkable event but a killer that you’ll love . . . when it is over! You will not regret doing it. I wouldn’t mind doing it again after I drop some weight this winter. Keep at it and if you need any support let me know!

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